Early Orthodontic Diagnostics at Boileau Dental Care

Setting the Foundation for Lifelong Dental Health

At Boileau Dental Care in Edmonton, we understand the importance of early orthodontic diagnostics in identifying and addressing orthodontic issues in children at the earliest stages. Our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive early orthodontic diagnostics to assess your child’s dental development and recommend appropriate interventions to ensure optimal oral health and proper alignment of the teeth and jaws.

Why Early Orthodontic Diagnostics Matter

Early orthodontic diagnostics play a crucial role in identifying potential orthodontic problems in children before they progress and become more difficult to treat. By assessing your child’s dental development at an early age, we can detect issues such as misaligned teeth, improper bite alignment, and jaw irregularities, and recommend timely interventions to address these concerns.

At Boileau Dental Care, we offer a range of early orthodontic diagnostics services designed to evaluate your child’s dental development and identify any potential orthodontic issues:


Comprehensive Orthodontic Evaluation: Our experienced orthodontic team will perform a thorough examination of your child’s teeth, jaws, and facial structure to assess their overall dental development and identify any signs of orthodontic problems.


Panoramic X-rays: Panoramic X-rays provide a comprehensive view of your child’s entire mouth, allowing us to evaluate the position of the teeth, the development of the jawbones, and the presence of any abnormalities that may require orthodontic treatment.


Digital Impressions: Digital impressions allow us to create highly accurate 3D models of your child’s teeth and jaws, enabling us to plan and design personalized orthodontic treatment solutions tailored to their unique needs.


Orthodontic Screening: We’ll conduct a thorough orthodontic screening to assess your child’s bite alignment, tooth spacing, and jaw relationship, helping us identify any potential orthodontic issues that may require intervention.

Early orthodontic diagnostics offer numerous benefits for your child’s oral health and overall well-being, including:


Early Detection: By identifying orthodontic issues early, we can intervene before they worsen, potentially reducing the need for more extensive and invasive treatments later in life.


Improved Treatment Outcomes: Early orthodontic diagnostics allow us to develop personalized treatment plans tailored to your child’s specific needs, resulting in more efficient and effective orthodontic treatment outcomes.


Prevention of Dental Problems: Addressing orthodontic issues early can help prevent dental problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, and jaw disorders, promoting optimal oral health and function.

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