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COVID-19 Update

Welcome back to the dental office. We are so glad to be back to work and are looking forward to seeing you once again.  During our forced sabbatical we have been busy getting the office ready to serve you while protecting you from the COVID-19 virus.



At Boileau Dental Care we have used universal precautions on every patient with every procedure.  Standard precautions help protect every patient and the dental team from the many infectious diseases that we are potentially exposed to on a daily basis; this includes COVID-19. Precautions include wiping every countertop, chair, or other surface with a powerful medical grade disinfectant, using barriers that are replaced for every patient, sterilizing every instrument under severe heat and pressure and many more. This occurs EVERY TIME you sit in the patient chair.



Although this may be adequate, we have enhanced our standard precautions in the following ways:



1.  We have a new screening form (COVID-19 Consent Form) which we ask you to complete and sign on the day of your appointment.  Although it is preferred that the form be completed at home, we will have them here for you as well.  If you are at a higher risk of having the COVID-19 infection we will ask you NOT to visit the office at this time. Examples of when this would occur are after you have travelled out of Canada or once you have been a close contact of a confirmed case.


2.  Our team members complete and sign this form every day before starting work.  


3.  We take the temperature of each team member and patient to confirm it is within normal range. 


4.  We ask that you wear a mask in the waiting room and sanitize your hands upon entry and before exiting the office. 


5.  We ask you to maintain social distancing while in the office, when possible.  

  • This means no handshakes or hugs 

  • We’ve installed Sneeze Guards at the front desk to assist us all

  • We have made some changes to our scheduling to make this easier.  For example, we will stagger appointments and allow more time between appointments

6.   We have removed books, magazines, kids’ prizes and other potential sources of cross contamination with this nasty virus and we are very meticulous about sanitizing high touch areas. 


7.  We will ask you to rinse with a Peroxide mouth wash to kill any virus that could be in your mouth.


8.   We have instituted the use of additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), especially when we are creating aerosols, as we do when we use our power tools.



Instituting these higher standards will aid in the health and safety for you and our entire team.  With the vaccine in our futures it is tempting to let down our guards but it is now more important than ever to follow the Alberta Health Services guidelines as we slowly return to a more normal day to day life.



As always, we are honoured to be a health care partner with each of you.  




Dr. Colette Boileau

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